OS 02b Radiation Management Plans
OS 02a Radiation Management Plans

Radiation Management Plans

The first step towards good Radiation Safety Practices is to develop and review to set into place the company’s Radiation Management Plan (RMP). ¬†An RMP is also a regulatory requirement for most activities involving radioactive sources and substances. Radiation Professionals will help your company develop and put into place your RMP.

Your RMP will cover areas such as:

  • Company and site details
  • Personnel radiation monitoring
  • Storage and Disposal of radioactive material
  • Decontamination of equipment
  • Training of Personnel and Reporting to regulators and
  • Site radiological rehabilitation

An RMP consultation will include:

  • Overview of legal aspects and requirements of a Radiation Management Plan
  • Information on monitoring procedures and guidelines
  • (After generation of RMP) Implementation of your projects RMP
  • After your RMP consultation, Radiation Professionals will generate an RMP for each project that you have that is becoming active