Other Services

OS 01 Consulting


Radiation Professionals, specialists in complete and effective solutions to the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in industries where elevated radiation levels may be encountered. Through a combination of personally tailored radiation consulting, training, expert knowledge and a variety of analysis methods. Our approach is to work alongside you to deliver a complete coverage of your radiation needs on time and on budget whilst managing risks.
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OS 02 Radiation Management Plans

Radiation Management Plans

The first step towards good Radiation Safety Practices is to develop and review to set into place the company’s Radiation Management Plan (RMP).  An RMP is also a regulatory requirement for most activities involving radioactive sources and substances. Radiation Professionals will help your company develop and put into place your RMP.
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OS 03 Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety

Subject Matter Expertise coupled with extensive and demonstrable in-field capability is why Radiation Professionals’ bring assurance of safety, confidence and control.  In the hands of the Professionals. Optimisation of industrial process environments increases asset availability and performance.  The unique challenges faced by process intensive oil, LNG, mining and metals processing demand Informed and competent management of hazardous materials and their related risks.
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OS 04 Research & Development

Research & Development

ENGINEERED SYSTEMS –  We extend existing inspection and testing technologies and integrate with existing systems to generate improved data that exposes information previously unseen in oil and gas production and processing. ISOTOPE TRACKING FOR PIGGING – Pig Patrol informs asset owners about their pipelines performance and condition to promote optimisation and availability. WASSP SAMPLING – This purpose designed, crane mounted sampling apparatus is intended for sampling of large waste and tails ponds that may not be readily accessible by other means.
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OS 05 Waste Management

Waste Management

All radioactive material manufactured, used or stored in any registered premises, must ultimately be disposed of in accordance with radiation regulations and legislation. Before a radioactive material can be disposed of; the waste must be appropriately radiologically characterised, storage arrangements must be in place, a radiation transport option established to the chosen disposal site, and the waste must be disposed of in accordance with state, federal or international regulations.
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