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Fixed Radiation Gauges

Fixed radiation gauges are used in civil construction, oil, petroleum and mining industries as an essential part of the monitoring arrangements within the process plant to measure the density or mass flow of a material flowing through pipework. It consists of a small radioactive source (typically a Caesium 137 isotope) that emits a beam of gamma radiation through the material flowing through the pipework, to a detector placed on the opposing side. The radiation source (usually measured in GBq or TBq of activity) is sufficient to effect human health and therefore the gauges are constructed of steel to provide shielding and radiological protection of the workforce.

Fixed radiation gauges are registered with the Radiological Council and legislated under the Radioactive Substances Act. Under the Act, a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) is appointed who is required to ensure that the gauge conforms to the relevant Codes of Practice during transports and operations, to ensure that the external gamma dose rates are below the legal limits and are ALARA. RadPro are licenced RSOs to several end-user clients and are experts in the control, monitoring, management and transportation of fixed radiation gauges, as well as addressing incidents under emergency arrangements.

Radiation Professionals now offer complete services for users of Fixed Industrial Radiation Gauges (also called nucleonic gauges). These include:
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  • Disposal of old gauging sources
  • Housing integrity checks
  • Training
  • Auditing of Radiation Management Practices for sites using fixed gauges
  • Carrying out annual compliance tests on fixed gauges.
  • Radiation Management Plans (RMP) development/review and implementation assistance
  • Compliance testing of industrial gauges (NOTE: WA requires this to be done by a licensed person prior to use)
  • Licensed transport services; Freight forwarding management; Importation of Radioactive materials
  • Secure storage facility for Radioactive Materials (privately operated)
  • Expert radiation consulting, regulatory compliance advice and liaison, including provision of a Radiation Safety Officer
  • General Industrial Gauge management which includes:
      • Training of Radiation Safety Officers (regulatory licensing course)
      • Training for Isolation Techs/gauge operators working under a licensed user
      • Training/induction of other site personnel (awareness/isolation/etc.)
      • Import of radioactive materials
      • Custom’s clearance/freight forwarding management
      • Transport of radioactive material
      • Storage pending installation/transport
      • Installation of gauging devices
      • Compliance auditing (WA requires that gauges are compliance tested by licensed person prior to use)
      • Development/review of Radiation Management Plans
      • Source security assessments and development/review of Source Security and Transport
      • Security Plans
      • Provision of RSOs
      • Provision of specialist radiological advice (service provider)
      • Emergency response (advice when planning, or during emergency)
      • Incident investigation
      • Disposal of radioactive materials