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Fixed Radiation Gauges

Fixed radiation gauges are used in civil construction, oil, petroleum and mining industries as an essential part of the monitoring arrangements within the process plant to measure the density or mass flow of a material flowing through pipework. It consists of a small radioactive source (typically a Caesium 137 isotope) that emits a beam of gamma radiation through the material flowing through the pipework, to a detector placed on the opposing side.
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IG 02 Compliance and Auditing

Compliance Testing & Auditing

Radiation producing equipment used in some industrial applications can be a significant source of unnecessary radiation exposure to workers if the equipment is not operated and maintained to required standards. To address this concern, quality assurance programs for industrial radiation equipment have been introduced in Western Australia and elsewhere for a number of years and are now mandatory in a number of jurisdictions.
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T 01b Courses


Radiation Professionals offer a wide range of radiation safety courses for the purpose of licencing, education, safety and awareness. All courses are professionally run by our highly skilled trainers, either in our offices or at your premise of choice. Our courses ensure that every participant receives a high level of practical experience whilst also providing the necessary background education to ensure that they excel in their workplace.
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