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Established in 2007, Radiation Professionals is as a holistic radiation management service provider to the oil, gas, mining and mineral resource industries. Our expertise is in ionising radiation management solutions, from dealing with issues surrounding Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) as a process by-product, to specialist equipment such as isotopic pig tracking devices within pipelines, to tailored training packages to address competency requirements within the workplace.

As radiation safety officers for many of our client’s sites we ensure compliance with appropriate regulations and legislation. This does apply to world class mega projects to stand alone exotic minerals exploration.

Effective management of radioactive material can impact upon your business risk management as well as result in regulatory compliance. Radiation Professionals principle consideration is to promote informed decisions for the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors, to educate our clients, protect the health and safety of the workforce as well as the public and to safeguard the environment from radiological risks.

What is Radiation?

Radiation is the movement of excited energy in various forms through space or a material medium.

Radiation can be either ionising or non-ionising, depending on the energy of the radiation. The distinction between ionising and non-ionising is important due to the significant difference in harmfulness to living organisms.

Ionising Radiation
Common sources of ionising radiation that may require management include:
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  • Artificial radioactive materials that emit α, β, or γ radiation, used in:
  • Industrial gauging, tracer studies, Education & Medicine
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in mining, exploration, metals processing, oil and gas production and processing
  • Medical X-rays from radiography examinations
  • Industrial X-ray sources such as on-stream analysers and NDT


Non-Ionising Radiation
Common sources of non-ionising radiation that may require management include:
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  • Microwave/mobile phone communications towers
  • High intensity visible light (e.g. cosmetic IPL)
  • Lasers – industrial and recreational
  • Radio towers
  • ‘Soft’ UV lighting[/su_list]

Your Outcomes

We deliver expert solutions to the challenges faced by individual projects throughout Australia; these include:

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  • Radiation Management Plans (RMP)
  • Radiation Surveys – Environmental, Occupational, General, Contamination
  • Training for all levels of Radiation Safety
  • Scheduled auditing of sites Radiation Safety Practices
  • Radiation dosimetry sampling and analysis
  • Radiation monitoring equipment Sales and Leasing
  • Compliance testing of industrial radiation gauges
  • Storage, licensed transport and disposal of radioactive materials
  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis of radioactive samples
  • Testing of Lasers, EMF, and other non-ionising radiations


The longstanding capability that RadPro represents encompasses consulting and operational personnel with recognised industry expertise.


The formation of RadPro brought together a wide range of experience from industry, academia and government that form the basis of our expert consulting group today.

Some of our recent projects include:

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NORM in Petroleum (All on behalf of Global Majors)

  • Survey of FPSO for NORM identification prior to cessation of production
  • Overall NORM management during CoP and facility decontamination
  • Radiological assessment on several offshore NORM affected petroleum facilities
  • Various surveys, liaison with regulators and providing advice on disposal of NORM contaminated waste for onshore petroleum facilities

NORM in Mining

  • Baseline and ongoing radiological assessment of mineral sands mining and processing operations including providing RSO functions
  • Modelling and measurement of radon emanations from tailings facilities
  • Audit and review of processing plant radiation management practices and generation of complete radiation management documentation
  • Background environmental studies for rare earths projects

 Industrial Gauges

  • Provision of a complete training package (including RSO) for fixed radiation (density) gauges at a new mega-mine and processing facility, including consultation with government bodies
  • Ongoing storage of density gauges and managing gauge and source transport
  • Supervision of transport and provision of storage facilities for industrial density gauges

Government Agencies

  • Assisting the IAEA with provision of training and advice to regulators from various countries
  • Current external radiation advisers for the disposal operations for radioactive waste at the Mt Walton Intractable Waste Disposal Facility (IWDF)
  • As a member of The Safety Collective, Radiation Professionals is a workplace health and safety services panel member for the Department of Defence

General Projects

  • Assisting numerous clients in various industries to classify, understand, manage and ultimately dispose of low level and intermediate radioactive wastes
  • Provision of training, advice and documentation to a metallurgical laboratory for the management of radioactive substances and residues
  • Investigation and verification of the presence of radioactive contamination in shipping containers, supervision of documentation and waste removal/disposal