ME 04a Contract RSO
ME 04b Contract RSO

Contract RSO’s

Radiation Professionals can provide a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to be the contracted licenced person for compliance with the appropriate radiation regulations and legislation.  The role of the RSO is to ensure that all radiation safety management aspects are addressed for a registered site or for a device containing a radioactive substance, e.g. a fixed radiation gauge.

The RSO appointed by a registrant shall, in relation to that registrant’s premises and any field sites under the control of that registrant; prepare working rules for the safe use and operation of radioactive substances; ensure that no radioactive substances are manufactured, used or stored in any place unless the Radiological Council has approved plans for that place; ensure that all appropriate shielding, safety devices, protective equipment, radiation monitoring and radiation surveying devices required under the Regulations are installed or available; and to ensure that any conditions, restrictions or limitations imposed on the registered premises are complied with.