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ME 01 NORM in Mining & Exploration

NORM in Exploration & Mining

The impact of NORM on both the health and safety of workers and the environment must be effectively managed through the lifecycle of the operating mining and/or mineral processing facility. Using a structured approach to the management of NORM through robust planning, training, surveillance, analysis, and controls; the impact upon scheduling can be improved and the production efficiency of the asset can be optimized against the potential generation and accumulation of NORM. 
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ME 04 Contract RSO

Contract RSO’s

Radiation Professionals can provide a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to be the contracted licensed person for compliance with the appropriate radiation regulations and legislation.  The role of the RSO is to ensure that all radiation safety management aspects are addressed for a registered site or for a device containing a radioactive substance, e.g. a fixed radiation gauge.
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ME 02 Environmental Surveys

Environmental Surveys

Radiation Professionals offers complete radiological survey and assessment services. We cover all areas including environmental baselines, occupational exposure levels and incident monitoring. Radiation Professionals offer complete support for your radiation monitoring requirements. This includes gamma surveys, airborne radionuclides (dust and gas), radionuclides in water, surface contamination and biota/reference person’s assessment. The process includes determining your monitoring requirements, design of the monitoring plan and then assistance with implementation or carrying out the complete baseline monitoring program.
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ME 03 Tails Sampling

Tails Sampling

Obtaining spatially significant samples from oily waste ponds or tailings ponds is often difficult at best and dangerous at worst.  Radiation Professionals now deploy the WASSP, utilised to obtain 3D spatially significant samples from hard, soft, liquid, silt etc. ponds without the need for costly or dangerous excursions over the tails or waste ponds. This purpose designed, crane mounted sampling apparatus is intended for sampling of large waste and tails ponds that may not be readily accessible by other means.
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T 01b Courses


Radiation Professionals offer a wide range of radiation safety courses for the purpose of licencing, education, safety and awareness. All courses are professionally run by our highly skilled trainers, either in our offices or at your premise of choice. Our courses ensure that every participant receives a high level of practical experience whilst also providing the necessary background education to ensure that they excel in their workplace.
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