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Radiation Professionals know that having quality instrumentation that is calibrated and in working order is imperative.  A failure of a simple piece of instrumentation can disrupt an entire project. We have a highly skilled technical team who can service all your instrumentation related needs to help keep your project running smoothly.

The instrumentation Services provided by Radiation Professionals include:
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  • Sales and lease of equipment and instrumentation
  • Repairs of electronic equipment
  • Regular equipment maintenance
  • Calibration of radiation monitoring equipment
  • Calibration of airflow meters
  • Servicing of all types of equipment



Radiation Professionals is capable of selling and leasing a wide range of radiation equipment.
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This includes (but not limited to):

  • Dose Rate Meters
  • Environmental Survey Meters
  • Contamination Meters
  • Intrinsically Safe Meters
  • Personal Dosimeters & TLD Badges
  • Air Sampling Pumps & Accessories
  • Radon / Thoron Monitors
  • Dust Deposit Gauges
  • Handheld Spectrometers
  • Radiation Stickers and Placards



Radiation Professionals provide a wide variety of services to fulfil your dosimetry and general radiation monitoring requirements. This includes servicing and repair of equipment plus organising calibration (via approved laboratories) of all radiation monitoring equipment.

Calibration, service and repairs are available for all types of gamma, x-ray, beta, alpha, contamination and personal monitoring equipment.