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Analytical Services

Radiation Professionals owns and operates a licensed laboratory for radiological analysis located in Perth, Western Australia. We are proud to provide high quality scientific analysis with our team of qualified staff. Services include, but are not limited to, accurate and precise radiation detection services and analysis, and radon and thoron exhalation studies.
We have frequently carried out peer review and complimentary analysis for a significant number of global clients. The extent of these services is supplemented by a field transportable self-contained laboratory.

Analytical Services we provide are:
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  • Alpha and Beta Spectroscopy
  • Gamma Spectrometry
  • Individual Radionuclide Activities
  • Liquid Scintillation
  • Total Suspended Particulates
  • Total Deposited Solids
  • Total, Insoluble & Soluble Solids
  • Soil and Sediment Analysis
  • Water Sample Analysis
  • Vegetation Sample Analysis
  • Contamination Wipes Analysis
  • Dust Deposition Gauge Analysis
  • Radon and Thoron Analysis
  • High Volume Air Sampler Analysis
  • Personal Dust Filter Analysis
  • Environmental Dust Filter Analysis
  • Industrial Gauges Wipes Analysis